The launching of (ZVFI) portal reflects the intent and urge to ‘Contribute’ while one exists.

The launching of (ZVFI) is nothing less than entering those ‘Domains’ where few, if at all, dare to ‘Trespass’.

For clarity, the above statements need to be read with the ‘General’ paragraph of the (FAQs)

(i) Organization Genetics!

(a) It is fully understood that the launching of a project of the nature (ZVFI) is way beyond the capabilities of an individual or a loosely connected group or even a superficially committed significant/sizeable entity.

(b)The very first objective of this ‘Pilot’¬† project, as it stands right now, is to evaluate the response as a whole besides opening-up existing ‘meager’ inhouse¬†resources for anyone in need of the same.

(c) The launching of (ZVFI) is aimed at catalyzing similar thoughts and actions from wherever they may emerge.

(ii) Organization Structure and Management (See (FAQ’s-General):

(a) (ZVFI) does not aim to project itself as a centralized organization pillar.

(b) Far from it, all entities, if any, which may crop-up, may constitute and operate independently in their own geographic locations following democratic norms at their own discretion.

(c) The word ‘Affiliate’ has been used in a loose sense to reflect the similarity of thoughts and concepts on a voluntary basis only.

(d) Needless to emphasize that (ZVFI) shall make itself available to ‘Seekers’ if and when requested to do so.