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Students intake is limited to the undermentioned categories only and subject to ‘Faculty’ availability


Entry threshold: Masters from an established reputable institution with a minimum 2 years of relevant experience (See FAQs)

Post Graduate Diploma

Entry threshold: Graduate from an accredited institution with a minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience (See FAQs)

English Language Proficiency

Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation & Institute (ZVF&I) is equipped to handle all activities in (English) only. Registration for all categories is subject to a declaration as to (English Language) proficiency as below:

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Registration for all categories requires mandatorily accepting rendering and receiving any/all services free of any fees/remuneration and any other charges in any form: Check the Box (Yes) as your unequivocal acceptance.
Registration for all categories requires mandatory (indemnification) of all Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation & Institute (ZVF&I) direct or indirect entities including, but not limited, to the Executives (Board of Management/Governors, Officers, Staff, and Representatives), Faculty, Researchers, Experts, Students and Others against any direct or indirect claims of any type or kind including consequential damages. Check the Box (Yes) as your unequivocal acceptance.
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Submit brief CV inclusive of academics, highlighting specialty, publications and skills. Allowed File Extensions: .doc & .pdf
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Submit a photo identification such as (NIC, NICOP, Residence Card, Passport, Driving License, etc)


Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation & Institute (ZVFI) is not an accredited body to award degrees.

  1. The objective of the promotion inclusive of (Registrations) remains limited to outlining the concept and assessing its acceptability as a whole and preparing for meeting all necessary education/legal requirements in advance. Accordingly, any/all communications by ZVFI and/or any individuals need to be treated as such.
  2. Any/All communication with (ZVFI) entails adherence to the 'Indemnification' as identified under (Registration)