i) Promotion of Higher Education specifically in underdeveloped countries leading to:

(a) Doctorate Degree
(b) Post Graduate Diploma

(ii) Promotion and supervision of research leading to (peer-reviewed) publications

(iii) Publishing ZVFI Journal of Education, Research, Industry, and Health

(iv) Guidance, assistance, and help in the promotion of industry at any or all stages (Concept to Completion) remaining within the limits of available in-house capabilities

(v) Contribution towards ‘Better Health’ based on requirements remaining within the limits of available in-house capabilities

vi) Launching of {Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation and Institute abbreviated as (zvfi.org)} Islamic Search DataBase programme: 

This programme is aimed at highlighting Islamic contributions along with valid contacts including valid links to achieve easy access and enhanced visibility on the net.  

(vii) Launching of {(zvfi.org) Six monthly and /or Yearly Third  Party Rewards and/or Certification} Programme:

This programme shall be open to all categories covered under  (Registrations). Awards listings and details are to be available against email requests as indicated under  (Notifications) from time to time.

(viii) Mechanism:

Individuals, Groups or Institutions shall be eligible to apply for registration of their proposed achievements, sites, links, etc by submitting email requests as specified under (Notifications).

Terms & Conditions

  1. Email requests for inclusion in this category to provide up to (250 words maximum) backup highlighting features of their submissions particularly with respect to its originality and being a current issue.
  2. Only “Current’ and Original Contributions) pertaining to any branch of knowledge-ilm: (scientific/non-scientific, commercial, marketing, transportation, social/relief work, literary, industrial, technology, health, governance, religion, others) shall be eligible for inclusion into (zvfi.org) DataBase and/or (zvfi.org) Awards Programme. Peer-Review for ascertaining ‘Originality’  and being a ‘Current’ issue may be undertaken as when, where and if required at the sole discretion of (zvfi.org) alone.
  3. (zvfi.org) shall be the only empowered agency to grant an inclusion or otherwise.
  4. Due to an expected high volume of email requests, it may not always be possible to respond individually. Accordingly, no response within four weeks may be interpreted as a denial of the request.


Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation & Institute (ZVFI) is not an accredited body to award degrees.

  1. The objective of the promotion inclusive of (Registrations) remains limited to outlining the concept and assessing its acceptability as a whole and preparing for meeting all necessary education/legal requirements in advance. Accordingly, any/all communications by ZVFI and/or any individuals need to be treated as such.
  2. Any/All communication with (ZVFI) entails adherence to the 'Indemnification' as identified under (Registration)