Existing in-house expertise is limited to as outlined below:

1. Manufacturing Industry:

(a) Principal Sector: Fertilizer Manufacturing

(b) Secondary: Oil and Gas Processing

  1. Research Supervision
  2. Manufacturing Organizational Structure Reviews
  3. Organizational Reviews
  4. Manpower Induction/Training Procedure Reviews
  5. Feasibility Evaluations and Reviews
  6. Strategies and Strategic Evaluations
  7. Contractual Reviews

2. Pedagogy and Multilingual/Multicultural Education

3. Internal Medicine & Critical Care (Limited Guidance Only)

4. Supply Chain (Limited Guidance Only)

5. Alert! (New Additions)

(a) Expertise: French pastry chef graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.

(b) Expertise: Management Consulting, Change Management, Organizational Design

(c) Expertise: Fine arts portraiture. Qajar mogul inspired historic pieces with a modern twist. Specialty in traditional-based media as well as digital animation and motion. graphics.

(d) Expertise: Knowledge of Integrated Global Supply Chain networks and their efficient management.

(e) Expertise: Computer programmer with specialization in advanced software development. Preliminary guidance to those looking to enter the field.

6. Alert:

  1. In all disciplines identified above limited (manhour) availability may allow handling of preliminary inputs only. Manhours required to undertake detailed reviews, workouts, and studies may not be readily available.
  2. Access to (Manufacturing Units, Workshops, Labs, Hardware/Software, etc) does not exist as of now.