‘Notifications’ are aimed at providing the updated status of activities besides passing on the other related developments on an ongoing basis:

Category-1: Resources

Category-2: Emerging  Requirements 

Category-3: News, Milestones, and Progression Highlights 

Category-4:  {Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation and Institute abbreviated as (zvfi.org)} Islamic Search DataBase program

Category-5: (Six monthly and /or Yearly Third  Party Rewards and/or Certification) Program

Alert-01: Email requests for inclusion in this category to provide up to (250 words maximum) backup highlighting features of their submissions particularly with respect to its originality and being a current issue.

Alert-02: Only “Current’ and Original Contributions) pertaining to any branch of knowledge-ilm: (scientific/non-scientific, commercial, marketing, transportation, social/relief work, literary, industrial, technology, health, governance, religion, others) shall be eligible for inclusion into (zvfi.org) DataBase and/or (zvfi.org) Awards Programme. Peer-Review for ascertaining ‘Originality’  and being a ‘Current’ issue may be undertaken as when, where and if required at the sole discretion of (zvfi.org) alone.

Alert-03: (zvfi.org) shall be the only empowered agency to grant an inclusion or otherwise.

Alert-04: Due to an expected high volume of email requests, it may not always be possible to respond individually. Accordingly, no response within four weeks may be interpreted as a denial of the request.

Alert-05: Email requests for any information under ‘Notifications’ are required as outlined above. 

Alert-06: Responding to any or all email requests under ‘Notifications’ is not guaranteed. Accordingly, responses are discretionary based on (zvfi.org‘s) sole judgment.

Alert-07: (ZVFI) is not an accredited body to award degrees.

The objective of the promotion inclusive of (Registrations) remains limited to outlining of the concept and assessing its acceptability as a whole and to prepare for meeting all necessary education/legal requirements in advance. Accordingly, any/all communications by ZVFI and/or any individuals need to be treated as such.

250 words maximum