Free of cost help to any/all ‘Seekers’, anywhere on the globe, without any distinction and/or prejudice free of any charges, fees, cost, or strings expecting nothing in return.

> ” Do not bestow favor (with the object) that you may receive more in return”

Al-Quran: Chapter 29: Muddaththir (74: 06)


Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation & Institute (ZVFI) is not an accredited body to award degrees.

  1. The objective of the promotion inclusive of (Registrations) remains limited to outlining the concept and assessing its acceptability as a whole and preparing for meeting all necessary education/legal requirements in advance. Accordingly, any/all communications by ZVFI and/or any individuals need to be treated as such.
  2. Any/All communication with (ZVFI) entails adherence to the 'Indemnification' as identified under (Registration)