Proposed Description Follows:

1. General:

1.1 Geographical Area of Activity: No Limit defined

1.2 Functional Classification: No Limit defined! Open to undertaking any function to suit local requirements.

1.3 Administrative Categorization: Each affiliated (Autonomous Unit) is independently operated by its own local (Board of Management) with its own (SOPs: Safe Operating Procedures) in total compliance with the local government and laws.

1.4 Discrimination-Free Entity: No religion, gender, geographic location, complexion, caste, status, culture, etc based discrimination.

1.5 Further elaborations and/or guidelines to be issued as and when requirements arise.

2. Registration:

2.1 Find the Registration Form in respect of the desired category (Refer to Registration)

2.2 Registration is currently open to all categories.

2.3 CV contents inclusive of applicable academics/experience/research and/or industrial/health Services background along with photo identification such as (NIC, NICOP, Residence Card, Passport, Driving License, etc) highlighting specialty and skills (Refer to Registration).

2.4  Applicants for Faculty, Experts, Research Supervisors, Industrial, and Health sector specialists may, at their discretion, provide as much information as desired (Refer to Registration).

2.5 How to submit a CV (Refer to Registration).

2.6 Registration as a ‘Researcher’:

(i) Currently open to all categories subject to ‘Supervisor Availability’ to be notified from time to time.

(ii) CV inclusive of academics/highlighting specialty and skills along with research ‘Title’ as well as an ‘Abstract’ required (Refer to Registration).

2.7 Registration as ‘Student’:

(i) Students intakes remain subject to ‘Faculty’ availability in the undermentioned categories only:

(a) Doctorate (Entry threshold: Masters from an established reputable institution with a minimum of two years of relevant professional experience). CV is inclusive of academics/experience/copy of the highest degree highlighting specialty and skills specifying desired ‘Discipline’ precisely (Refer to Registration).

(b) Post Graduate Diploma (Entry threshold: Graduate from an accredited institution with a minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience). CV is inclusive of academics/experience/copy of the highest degree and highlighting specialty and skills specifying desired functional ‘Discipline’ precisely (Refer to Registration).

2.8 Assistance to Industry and Health Sectors:

(i) Available on a ‘case to case’ basis subject to in-house or acquired availability of the desired expertise.

(ii) Submission requirements:

(a) Organizational introductory brief with web links (if available).
(b) Problem description.
(c) Nature of the desired services.
(d) Submit Brief instead of CV (Refer to Registration Form).
(e) Items on the ‘Registration’ form may be marked as (NA) wherever necessary.

3. ‘Requirement Guidelines’ (wherever applicable) to be notified from time to time under (Notifications).

4. Online confirmation of Registration:

(i) All online submissions for ‘Registration’ require review with one week being the minimum duration.

(ii) Online results (ineligible, on hold, or apply afresh after a specified period) shall be available after completion of the mandatory review on a case-to-case basis.


Zulqarnain Virtual Foundation & Institute (ZVFI) is not an accredited body to award degrees.

  1. The objective of the promotion inclusive of (Registrations) remains limited to outlining the concept and assessing its acceptability as a whole and preparing for meeting all necessary education/legal requirements in advance. Accordingly, any/all communications by ZVFI and/or any individuals need to be treated as such.
  2. Any/All communication with (ZVFI) entails adherence to the 'Indemnification' as identified under (Registration)